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"My name is Lina and I’ve been sponsored by Children of the Mekong  for four years now.  I have been attending Samrong education centre and I'm really enjoying my time there. I’m living with other girls who also go to school with me.  In the evening I can play with them and then we help each other with our homework. I feel very fortunate to be sponsored, and to be able to study at the centre. I hope to stay here until my bachelorette! Thank you Children of the Mekong!" 

- Lina, sponsored child since 2012, currently based in Samrong education centre, Cambodia


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Sponsorship allows your sponsored child to have access to education. Thanks to your support, they can attend school every day and no longer need to work in the paddy fields or other harsh environments. In addition, your sponsorship will have a direct impact on the living condition of your sponsored child and his or her family's. It is our main objective to make sure that every sponsored child is schooled, fed and clothed. Sponsoring a child has a direct positive impact on its life and education.



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A long term relationship based on trust

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A donation that gives freedom and comes with responsibilities


The development of children is core to the successful future of their countries


Enfants du Mekong finances and runs 10 education centres across South East Asia. Funds raised by Children of the Mekong in the UK go towards Samrong education centre, located in North West Cambodia.
Samrong is the capital city of Otdar Meanchey province, the last stronghold of the Khmer Rouge and educational opportunities for children are very limited. The centre has been running since 2006 and this year 175 children have been given complementary courses and extracurricular activities, so that they can pursue their education.


In 2017


Our education centre provided support to 175 students, of which 95% were from farmers’ families, and 75% had a monthly income of less than $80. Among them, 72 students from remote areas were living in our foster houses, and the others came every day before and after public school hours to receive supplementary courses. Children in the education centre were aged 13 to 21 years old and 55% of them were girls


The national passing rate of the secondary school final exam (“baccalaureate”) was 64%. But in our education centre, the performance of the students was outstanding as 100% of the students passed their baccalaureate.


Last year, we hosted activities including outdoor and indoor games, handicrafts, and workshops on topics related to health and hygiene, gender relationships and general knowledge.
Courses in modern organic farming were also held with four varieties of vegetables planted.


All of our final year secondary students pursued further education after graduation. 63% of them headed to University, and 37% of them chose to pursue vocational training. The areas chosen included engineering, accounting, agriculture and cooking.
Two students joined our “Centre Merieux” University Education Centre of excellence in Phnom Penh, which provides additional support to University students.


Thanks to Children of the Mekong and our overseas volunteers providing educational support in Cambodia, 79 underprivileged students have reached grade 12 since 2006.  Since 2010, 100% of them passed successfully their "baccalaureat".


Children of the Mekong carries out various development projects every year to improve educational and living environments for children and their families, such as:

  • building schools and improving study environments
  • renovation of foster homes
  • reconstructing communities damaged by a natural disasters
  • organising creative writing workshops etc.

On-going Projects

Children of the Mekong supports currently the projects detailed hereafter. If you wish to make a donation for one of those projects, please contact Eugenie at eugenie@childrenofthemekong.org or 020 3674 1953.


Past Projects

Children of the Mekong has  implemented numerous projects, which have changed the lives of hundreds of people. We thank our donors and partners on behalf of the children.