Children of the Mekong is made of two permanent staff, and a team of wonderful volunteers. Join our young, dynamic and friendly team, and be more involved with the charity’s projects. As well as ensuring the smooth running of the shop's daily operations, you will also have the opportunity to take part in organising fundraising activities, managing social media and preparing reports for the charity.

If you want to bring your skills into practice and be part of the team, please contact us and we will be in touch for an interview:info@childrenofthemekong. 

Click on the links below to see the details of our current volunteering roles.

Project Manager role 



With £28 a month, you can change the life of a child

Becoming a child sponsor means you are changing a life of an underprivileged child. With just £28 per month, this benefits the child in so many ways that they never thought possible.

The majority of the sponsorship is given to the sponsored child and family, and sometimes it can also support non-sponsored children. The rest of the money covers letters translation and postal costs where necessary, and the solidarity fund for emergency response for the families.

Once you sponsor a child, we will tell you in detail on how your money is spent supporting your child.

 See the Frequently Asked Questions About Sponsorship 

Sponsor A Child Now

UK based sponsors currently supports  122 children and Enfants du Mekong in France supports nearly 22,000 children across Southeast Asia.

You and your sponsored child

You can keep up to date with the development of your sponsored child and get to know them better. Your sponsored child will write two to three letters per year letting you know what's happening in their life. If the infrastructure permits it, you will also receive copies of their school reports.


Local support for the child

We organize regular meetings which enables us to monitor their schooling and provide social support to the family. We also  distribute supplies if required such as hygiene kits and stationery. Supplies are, when possible, given as payments in kind in order to ensure that the budget is used correctly.


You are already part of Children of the Mekong family and you want to get more involved and help us reach new people to become child sponsors, 


We are looking for ambassadors to grow our family of sponsors to send more poor kids to school.
Your mission as an ambassador is to share your story and be the voice of Children of the Mekong.
Be the change you want to see in the worldMahatma Gandhi

amba email

Who are the ambassadors?
Ambassadors are Children of the Mekong friends and child sponsors who are ready to get more involved and share their story of sponsorship with their network. They are helping us by finding new sponsors for children waiting to be sponsored.
Children of the Mekong will update you regularly with communication tools and ideas to help you. This will include child profiles, success stories, short movies, flyers etc.

Contact Eugenie to join now!

What to say, do or show to your acquaintances:

  1. Our social media channels are full of pretty little faces, do not hesitate to share them or to invite your friends to like: Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter.
  2. V'Asie Roule is a project about two friends travelling through Southeast Asia on bikes from November 2016 to June 2017. They made some great videos about local issues, you can show their videos from their youtube channel, they are in French but most of all have English subtitles. I suggest the one about Jrai ethnic minority. They are very instructive!

All ideas are welcome, be creative!



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Great ideas we can get inspiration from!
    • In Bordeaux, France, one of our ambassadors is the CEO of "Miam Bordeaux", a society which organises gourmet walks. They agreed to organise an event to raise funds for the Charity. The event contributes not only to raise funds but to make our actions known by a wide audience!


    • A race: For many years, the school "Bon accueil" in Toulon, France has been supporting our centre Sisophon in Cambodia, this year they decided to support another centre in Cebu, Philippines, where they collected 3,450.13€, congratulations to them! If you want to organise yours, we already have the passport papers ready, do not wait anymore!


  • Kitchen lesson: Prepare an asian meal and share it between cooks and their guests. During the meal, you can present Children of the Mekong charity with one or two videos. Their tip: Choose attractive prices for the meal and the lesson, the objective is to mobilise people, not to raise funds!


87% of companies who evaluate their Corporate Responsibility activities say it has a positive impact on their company’s reputation. 64% noticed it has a positive impact on customer engagement. Furthermore, 45% of British adults would be more inclined to work for a business if it donates to charitable causes.

This highlights the importance of a company’s charitable activities in engaging young and potential consumers. (Source: Corporate Giving by FTSE 100, Charities Aid Foundation, March 2016)


Why partner with us

An opportunity to share your values

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Ways to get involved

5 ways to get involved

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Employee engagement

Help your employee feel happier

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Without the financial help and on-going support from our partners, we simply would not have been able to fulfil our vision and to act upon our mission to support the poorest children in South East Asia to access the education they deserve. We therefore would like to express our greatest gratitude to all of our partners for supporting our education programmes.

  • offered a pro bono office for 2 persons in Central London from October 2011 to April 2012

  • Buy your home insurance through SureAid and raise money for COTM at the same time

  • offered a grant in 2013, for our project of Samrong's Education Centre

  • funded the construction of 3 classrooms for the Ban Khoy Secondary School in Laos

  • fully funded for our college construction project in Cambodia in 2007

  • offered a grant for Samrong's Education Centre in 2013 and 2015

  • offered a pro bono office for one person in Central London from July to September 2011

  • offerd a grant for our project to build a classroom to protect the Plong language in Thailand in 201

  • offers technical assistance and financial support since April 2012

  • offerd a grant for our project to provide drinkable water to a Karen village in Thailand in 2013

  • offered a grant for education centre in Cambodia in 2012, and for the reconstruction in the Philippi

  • offered d a grant in 2014, for our project to provide solar energy panels to a children home in Burm

  • offered a grant from the Hilden Charitable Trust in 2013, for Samrong's Education Centre

  • offered a grant in 2014 for a creative writing workshop in Cambodia

  • offered a grant from the Ashworth Charitable Trust in 2013, for Samrong's Education Centre

  • offered a grant from the Souter Charitable Trust in 2013, for Samrong's Education Centre

  • provided broker and legal education service to Children of the Mekong

  • supports Children of the Mekong with pro bono services since 2013

  • offered a grant in 2014 for our project of renovating a children home in Thailand

  • offers free translations to Children of the Mekong since 2011

  • supports COTM through channels of communication

  • supports COTM through channels of communication


Want to find out more about how to get involved and become a partner? Please contact our COO Eugenie Munakarmi on or +44 (0)7412 692254


Thank you for considering leaving a gift to Children of the Mekong in your Will.


Making a Will gives you the freedom to decide how you would like your assets to be distributed after your death and can save your loved ones a considerable amount of time and heart ache. It can also help you distribute your estate in a tax efficient manner. Gifts to charities such as Children of the Mekong are exempt from inheritance tax.


Why leave a gift in your will?
By leaving a gift in your will you can help to improve the education of children from Southeast Asia. Indeed if you leave a gift for Children of the Mekong in your will, it will allows us to improve education for future generation, by building new schools and sponsoring more children. By leaving a legacy, you leave a footprint for future generation. Your legacy can make a big difference for underprivileged children.


How to do a legacy?
If you already have a solicitor you should contact them to make suitable arrangements. If not, use this simple step by step guide. Click on the link for more information.


Want to get personalised information about leaving a legacy?

Please contact our COO Eugenie Munakarmi on


Ho Chi Minh to Angkor Cycle


From Saigon to Cambodia, challenge yourself to cycle through the heart of the Mekong delta, rural areas and dusty tracks, to discover insights into the region’s cultures.

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Join our facebook event to stay tuned!

You want to take on a sport challenge through London's best landmarks while supporting our education centre Samrong in Cambodia? 

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Trek to
Angkor Wat


Trek the hills, valleys and dense forests of rural Cambodia, ascending Kulen mountain, discovering hidden temples and ruins, before finishing at Angkor Wat.

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London to Paris Cycle


5 days. A classic cycle challenge! Cycling almost 300 miles to reach the Eiffel Tower is a fantastic and rewarding experience!

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