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Posted by admin on 21st March 2018

Chhengtay’s return to Cambodia after the scholarship in London – January 2018

I’m happy to return to my home and see my family and my friends, even though it was difficult to say goodbye to everyone. I do miss everyone a lot. It happened so fast, but I have the most incredible memories . I did a lot of things during the two months I spent in London. Since that time, I have applied to many companies, local and international. I had  a lot of interviews, and when I was interviewed they required me to speak in English. That was great because I felt confident and comfortable to speak in English. My experiences in London gave me the confidence to do a lot of amazing things. It was really a pleasure to hear my interviewers say that my English is good. Now I found a job that is related to my skills. I was hired to work as a Finance officer in an international management company. When I succeeded in the interview, I felt like a bird that could fly anywhere. That was good news for my family, and I am thrilled to be starting a first chapter in my life.

I spent a long time with my family in my hometown. I also met my nephew. Now my sister’s family have moved to live near my parent’s house because my parents are ill. Plus, I will leave for work soon, and someone will need to take care of my parents and nephew. I will meet my nephew every time I return to my  home to visit my family. He is a cute baby and naughty. I cannot believe how grown up he is. Even though I was happy, I worried too much about them until I got sick too. But I improved, and they have too. I’m happy that they are recovering because I won’t need to worry much about them when I leave home. Unfortunately, my mum cannot cook me the foods  I want. I’m sad that I cannot eat all of the food that I love. However, I was even sadder when I heard that they got sick. Fortunately, I had the chance to cook for and take care of them. They are very happy to see me.

Recently, I went to Phnom Penh for  a presentation with Kosal. We made a good presentation and shared a lot about our experiences. They looked so curious and happy with our presentation. They asked many questions, and we explained to them everything we experienced in London. We told them about the differences between Cambodia and London in culture, food, weather, transportation and people. It was such a wonderful time. We were so happy to share our memories with everyone. We offered some recommendations to them to encourage them. I met Bamboos at Enfants du Mekong, and they are very kind people. We also had an exciting time on Friday evening. We will have dinner at Enfants du Mekong with all of the Bamboos

The last thing I want to say is that I miss everyone in London. You helped me to find a good job. Thank you everyone for changing my life. Thank for your kindness. I hope everyone has a great time!


Posted by admin on 21st March 2018

Kosal got a job opportunity on his return – January 2018

I left London one and half months ago. I really miss  London, especially when I watch videos about the city. I can imagine the places in the videos. Sometimes I even dream about the city. My experiences in London are still fresh in my mind. I am sharing  my stories to the Children of the Mekong students in Centre Merieux on the 4th of February. I am really excited.

After having  submitted applications for jobs to many companies, eventually I was hired. I now work for the construction team for which I was an intern last year.  They hired me because of my English, my experiences in in London, and my commitment to the internship last year. They are not a professional company, but I would like to work for them because it is easy for me to adapt to the work environment. On the other hand, I would like to help the team to work professionally. I want to bring my knowledge and experience to help the team to become a professional companyIt is also an opportunity for me to start a business. They focus on construction; they do not have a  design team yet. I can provide them this service through my design background and my own design team. I think it is an effective approach because my team has new ideas, provides good service, is cooperative, well-known and accessible. My employer, Mr. Leom, told me that he has a plan to start a waterproof production business. He started the business a long time ago, but he has not registered the business yet. He also wants to expand his market to the international community, so he really needs me to help him with marketing in English. I work for him as a site engineer for a small project in a large super market. The project is starting next Monday. I will be in charge of the safety onsite and ensure that the project is delivered on time and correctly.

I will report to a project manager. I am also responsible for contacting the  owner to report about modifications to the quality and quantity of works. Currently I price the small projects according to the client’s suggestions. I have completed seven small projects since the 22th of January. I really love my job.

Recently, my university held a graduation ceremony. I was very lucky to join theevent early because the university  only celebrates graduation every three years. My family and my girlfriend came Phnom Penh to congratulate me. I realised that my parents are proud of me.

Posted by admin on 14th February 2018

A Thank You Note From Cambodia – December 2018

Kosal was one of the two first Cambodian student from Centre Merieux to come to London for the 3-month scholarship organised by Children of the Mekong. During his work shadowing at Air France, the teams decided to raise funds during their Chistmas party to help his mother’s business. Here is their thank you note.

“Dear Berengere and your colleagues,

My name is Soben, Kosal’s mother. As you know from my son, I am a fish seller in a small market. I sell fish every day to earn some more money to support my family, especially, my youngest daughter to study extra English. I was really happy with your kindness with my family. Your sponsorship absolutely facilitates my daily career. I really thank you and your colleagues for this sponsorship. I am happy to share my family stories through my son, Kosal. Finally, I wish you get healthy, success in your work, and happiness in you family.”

“My name is Pisey, 10 years old, Kosal’s younger sister. I was happy to see your family photos with my brother. They are so lovely. I really want to go to London as well. I love learning. I want to follow my brother. I started learning English three months ago. I met many friends there.”

My sister’s bed
My mum, sister and nephew with new material
My house
My sister and nephew in front of my house
My parents’ bed