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Posted by admin on 19th September 2018

Our Back to School campaign

The Back to School event was an opportunity for Children of the Mekong to raise funds.  Children of the Mekong had a stand in front of the Librairie La Page with a table, a kakemono and flyers. We had large boxes to collect donations from customers such as copies, pencils or books.  

This event was made possible by Librairie La Page, a French bookshop in South Kensington and their staff and also by the volunteers (Nathalie, Caroline) and new interns and staff of Children of the Mekong.  

This campaign went from the 31st of August to the Sunday 9th of September 2018. It was usually from 10am to 4pm depending on how busy the shop was. We choose these dates because it is a really busy period for the bookshop (beginning of the new school year).  

The stand in front of the shop was a good idea. Our volunteers this week were really motivated to raise funds which allowed the event to be successful.  

The best way to raise funds was to have someone inside the shop with one Children of the Mekong Tee-Shirt and someone outside the shop at the stand. The volunteer inside the shop could help a bit in the bookshop and talk to customers about the charity.

Caroline who was very involved in the project as a volunteer gave a really positive feedback on her volunteering experience.

“It was well organised, the stand in front of the shop was a good idea to raise funds. It was important for us not to be shy and to engage conversation with the customers outside the shop to tell them about the charity” said a Volunteer.

Posted by admin on 14th September 2018

Our Volunteer Partners BNP Paribas

Children of the Mekong has partnered with BNP Paribas to work together at the charity shop and office. BNP Paribas employees sign up on the BNP Paribas volunteers’ page and are assigned a paid day during the week where they will come help Children of the Mekong volunteers and staff.  

JieTheir day starts with a short presentation explained by Eugenie Munakarmi introducing Children of the Mekong and its goals. The rest of their morning is spent in the shop, where they help full-time volunteers out with donation sorting, clothing rotation and restocking. The other half of the day will be spent in the office using the skills they normally specialize in at BNP Paribas (ranging from marketing, sales, fundraising, computing, data analysis, etc…). BNP volunteers can come on their own or by groups of two to experience the workings of a small NGO together.

The partnership has been a great success so far, with more than 40 BNP Paribas employees having volunteered already, and 100% of them are “very satisfied” with their day at Children of the Mekong.  We would like to thank BNP Paribas and all its volunteers for helping us in providing education to Southeast Asian students thanks to their efforts at the charity shop and office. Our local efforts have a global impact by improving the lives of Southeast Asian children. We encourage other companies to join us in the fight against the poverty cycle in Southeast Asia.  

Here are some of our volunteers’ testimonies:  “Very friendly and welcoming staff, who are very inclusive towards potential volunteers/joiners. Would definitely recommend donating time towards this worthy cause”. –Oscar B. 

Children of the Mekong is a fantastic cause aiming to ensure that children in South-East Asia receive opportunities that would not normally be possible. The charity is very well run by passionate people who believe in making a difference. During my day with the team I have learnt much about the goals of the charity and it has been a memorable experience.” –Anonymous 

Children of the Mekong is a well organised charity with a sound heart and soul dealing with difficult issues competently and efficiently.” – Anonymous 

Workers and volunteers at Children of the Mekong are really warm and welcoming people who are trying to make a change for minorities in Southeast Asia by bringing education and support to the children. I highly recommend anybody interested to take a look at their actions, spread the word and participate in their cause if possible.” – Anonymous 

Thank you for your support! 

Posted by admin on 14th September 2018

Tobias’ testimonial after few weeks at Children of the Mekong charity shop

I really enjoyed my three-week stay in the Charity shop of Children of the Mekong. I had already been in the shop in May for one week but I had the pleasure to notice that the work atmosphere was as good as in May even if it wasn’t the same people working.

I think I had been part of a very dynamic team and we succeeded in keeping the shop clean, tidy and also enjoyable for the customers. We were quite invested in some special events such as the bake sale and I found hard-working people to sort the donations or also to make the best shop windows as possible.

I didn’t have any trouble with the customers and some of them were really kind, it was really interesting to have the possibility to talk with very different people.

I find also very interesting the partnership with the BNP, indeed I found the BNP volunteers always sympathetic and open to discussion about their job, family, country, studies…

I enjoyed as well working a little bit in the office (sort informations for Kiran, put books on sale on the Internet with Leo…), it enables me to see how the office was working and not to « just » stay in the shop.

Finally, I’m sure it was a really great experience for me and I hope for all the people working in the shop, I improved my English discovering by the way how a charity shop was working and it was something really interesting I think for my studies and my future.

Thank you again for all this experience, I will sure recommend the shop to my friends and classmates


Posted by admin on 19th July 2018

Success at the British 10k!

A big thank you to our runners for trailblazing the track to the future in the British 10k 2018.

The run took place on July 15th at 9.30am. Along with other amazing TicTrac runners, Children of the Mekong charity shop intern, Olivier Bogino ran the 10k to help raise funds for Children of the Mekong.

“A lot of people were there mostly to have fun and run for charity,” said Olivier.
Our 17 runners followed the track that began on Regent’s Street, looped around the most scenic areas in London and finished in Westminster.

“Seeing everyone running together with me, I was really focused on the race and really happy to do it,” said Olivier.

There were over 12 000 participants running, walking, and dancing the 10k. Runners can go as a team or enjoy making friends on the track, but all must hit the £365 donation target for their charities.

“You have to create your own page for fundraising to raise £365. Your part of the contract is to run the 10k. In crowd funding, the first step is to ask your relatives. They get your campaign to about 10-15%. Then you can launch your campaign and broadcast it on all your social networks to reach people you don’t know,” said Olivier.

Children of the Mekong runners have raised £3000 for the Samrong Education Center in Cambodia.

“I’m motivated to try again and I would like my friends to join me,” said runner Kenda Cunningham. “I’d also like to see a few more business groups sign on to run the race and fundraise for the education center in Cambodia.”

Children of the Mekong look forward to participating in next year’s British 10k.

“Seeing everyone’s colourful shirts highlighting the 1000s of different important causes people choose to support is inspiring—big and small organisations with people both in the UK and around the world benefitting makes the British 10k an awesome global event!” said Kenda.

Until next time, runners!

Posted by admin on 18th July 2018

Come splash with us at the charity shop this summer!

We would like to thank our donors, regular customers and our fabulous team for helping Children of the Mekong charity shop in its great success this year. Your efforts will fund South East Asian childrens’ education and change their lives forever. Last year, we were able to fund the construction for two new classrooms for a preschool in Laos.

Don’t forget to drop by and pay us a visit! We have a new rotation of clothes, board games, jewellery, bags, shoes and lovely staff every week. Our sales rack sells men and women clothes at half price. We also sell a selection of designer items (live your life in the fast lane and get them quick). We are open Monday to Saturday from 10:30 to 18:00. Summer clothes are in, so come in for a splash and get your latest kicks and knick knacks.

Have a great summer!