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Posted by admin on 19th July 2018

Success at the British 10k!

A big thank you to our runners for trailblazing the track to the future in the British 10k 2018.

The run took place on July 15th at 9.30am. Along with other amazing TicTrac runners, Children of the Mekong charity shop intern, Olivier Bogino ran the 10k to help raise funds for Children of the Mekong.

“A lot of people were there mostly to have fun and run for charity,” said Olivier.
Our 17 runners followed the track that began on Regent’s Street, looped around the most scenic areas in London and finished in Westminster.

“Seeing everyone running together with me, I was really focused on the race and really happy to do it,” said Olivier.

There were over 12 000 participants running, walking, and dancing the 10k. Runners can go as a team or enjoy making friends on the track, but all must hit the £365 donation target for their charities.

“You have to create your own page for fundraising to raise £365. Your part of the contract is to run the 10k. In crowd funding, the first step is to ask your relatives. They get your campaign to about 10-15%. Then you can launch your campaign and broadcast it on all your social networks to reach people you don’t know,” said Olivier.

Children of the Mekong runners have raised £3000 for the Samrong Education Center in Cambodia.

“I’m motivated to try again and I would like my friends to join me,” said runner Kenda Cunningham. “I’d also like to see a few more business groups sign on to run the race and fundraise for the education center in Cambodia.”

Children of the Mekong look forward to participating in next year’s British 10k.

“Seeing everyone’s colourful shirts highlighting the 1000s of different important causes people choose to support is inspiring—big and small organisations with people both in the UK and around the world benefitting makes the British 10k an awesome global event!” said Kenda.

Until next time, runners!

Posted by admin on 18th July 2018

Come splash with us at the charity shop this summer!

We would like to thank our donors, regular customers and our fabulous team for helping Children of the Mekong charity shop in its great success this year. Your efforts will fund South East Asian childrens’ education and change their lives forever. Last year, we were able to fund the construction for two new classrooms for a preschool in Laos.

Don’t forget to drop by and pay us a visit! We have a new rotation of clothes, board games, jewellery, bags, shoes and lovely staff every week. Our sales rack sells men and women clothes at half price. We also sell a selection of designer items (live your life in the fast lane and get them quick). We are open Monday to Saturday from 10:30 to 18:00. Summer clothes are in, so come in for a splash and get your latest kicks and knick knacks.

Have a great summer!

Posted by admin on 10th May 2018

Testimony from Camille, overseas volunteer.

Since 1989, Children Of The Mekong has allowed young people between the ages of 18 and 35 years old to give their time to the children we help through our sponsorship and development programs. These volunteers called ‘bamboos’ help our local teams in total immersion. They make the link between the sponsored children and their sponsors in the 7 countries that we work in. The volunteers carry out audits, visit the families, help with accounting, prepare reports for the sponsors, and search for solutions to better education in our operational area…The tasks are varied and complete; they require a great sense of service, to lead by example, autonomy and a spirit of adventure!

Camille is Bamboo volunteer in Thailand :

“I remember and I will never forget this encounter because it was so moving.

I was at Klona Lan, in the little villages on the mountain. The Sister with whom I work asked me to visit a family who needed help. After few kilometres by car, I arrived in front of the “house”. In fact it was hard to name what I had in front of me. 4  square meters marked by 4 corrugated sheet walls. In the middle, I saw the father, totally paralysed, on a hospital bed. Around him were the mother and their two daughters.

Thongchai had his accident on a work site, he felt down from a building. From that day he became totally dependant on his wife. Meanwhile, they were building a new house. Their dreams flew away. Neither parent can work anymore. I was overwhelmed/shaken up, I tried to hide my emotions. I felt the mother exhausted and sad. What to do with her two children?Trust on solidarity. The strength of solidarity is impressive in the villages. Here, each one helps them as they can with a bag of rice or a little money. Although they are poor too.It echoes a beautiful phrase of the program manager: “Poverty doesn’t stop sharing.”

Now, thanks to Florence, Lamyai, the youngest girl of the family, is sponsored. She is eight years old and she studies in primary school.Besides providing a big relief to the family, this sponsorship will more than ever be a psychological assistance, for the family and for Lamyai whom I noticed weakened by all these events. It also brings a breath of fresh air. At school, with the uniforms, there is no social distinction. Lamyai is as every other pupil, a little girl building intellectually and humanly.”

Posted by admin on 8th May 2018

Welcome Kiran!

We are delighted to welcome Kiran Peireira as a Trust and Foundation officer. She is the second permanent member of the team in the UK.



– Where are you from and what are your studies and work background?
“I grew up in India and I came to the UK to do an Environment and Development Master at Kings’ College in London. I have a wide experience in various sectors ranging from education and training to non profit.”



– What motivates you to work at Children Of The Mekong?
“I love the vision of the organisation. I sponsor a 10 years-old girl from the Philippines with my husband, and it is beautiful to see how you can make a real difference to an individual over the years. As a Trust and Foundation Officer it is a great chance to make a difference to a large number of people.”


– What is the role of a Trust and Foundation officer?
“As a Trust and Foundation officer my work is to secure funds for various projects of Children Of The Mekong from Trust and Foundation. We look to building strong partnerships with global organisations.”

Posted by admin on 8th May 2018

Kosal’s story – March & April 2018

After two months of working, I feel better in my current job. Initially it was quite difficult to manage because we face new issues every day. Luckily I have experienced co-workers, and they advise me when I encounter problems. They explain the processes to me and give me solutions if I meet unexpected issues.

Moreover, my boss is really confident in my abilities, so he allows me to me make decisions and manage the sites, and he cheers me up by providing extra benefits. In addition, he always teaches me about the job.

He makes me more confident and committed to complete the work. I am really proud that I have the opportunity to handle the work. We have now achieved 70% of the projects. For my team, we planned to finish them at the end of April!









8th April was my birthday, but I did not celebrate. My girlfriend made a lovely card for my birthday though. She designed the sweet artwork on the card. I really love it.



Khmer New Year is from 12th to 17th of April. I will leave from Phnom Penh to visit my hometown to celebrate the holiday with my family and high school friends.