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Posted by admin on 14th February 2018

A Thank You Note From Cambodia

Kosal was one of the two first Cambodian student from Centre Merieux to come to London for the 3-month scholarship organised by Children of the Mekong. During his work shadowing at Air France, the teams decided to raise funds during their Chistmas party to help his mother’s business. Here is their thank you note.

“Dear Berengere and your colleagues,

My name is Soben, Kosal’s mother. As you know from my son, I am a fish seller in a small market. I sell fish every day to earn some more money to support my family, especially, my youngest daughter to study extra English. I was really happy with your kindness with my family. Your sponsorship absolutely facilitates my daily career. I really thank you and your colleagues for this sponsorship. I am happy to share my family stories through my son, Kosal. Finally, I wish you get healthy, success in your work, and happiness in you family.”

“My name is Pisey, 10 years old, Kosal’s younger sister. I was happy to see your family photos with my brother. They are so lovely. I really want to go to London as well. I love learning. I want to follow my brother. I started learning English three months ago. I met many friends there.”

My sister’s bed
My mum, sister and nephew with new material
My house
My sister and nephew in front of my house
My parents’ bed