Impact 2018/2019 – Building a school for the children of Preah Ang Kiev

October 1, 2018 admin

Children of the Mekong decided to launch the project to build a school to improve the learning conditions of children and motivate them to persevere in their studies. The project concerns a small community which groups together 3 remote villages in the district of Sré Ambel. The main building will have an area of 90 m2. The school will be self-sufficient in water and electricity thanks to four solar panels and a 3500 liter water tank. The beneficiaries are children from grades 1-3. In grade 1, they learn the Khmer alphabet and count. In grades 2 and 3, they learn to read and write, as well as basic arithmetic operations.

They want to implement the project as soon as possible! We can hope for an end of construction for the next school year, end 2018.