Impact 2015/2016 – Providing drinking water in Chin Hill, Myanmar

September 12, 2016 admin

The third year of the shop has been successful thanks to the dedication of many volunteers and interns. The proceeds of the sales went to support 5 communities and 5 villages in the Chin Hills of Myanmar, to provide them with drinkable water after the Cyclone Komen.  

Cyclone Komen struck Myanmar from July 30 to August 2, 2015. The resulting floods and landslides caused significant destruction, affecting 1.5 million people, including 550,000 children. Landslides not only destroyed houses, but caused destructions of existing infrastructures such as livelihoods, farms, rice paddies and plantations. Stretches of roads and paths disappeared, cutting off certain villages from emergency aid for over a month. Water distribution networks were considerably affected, leaving inhabitants with no choice but to carry water over long distances from nearby springs or streams.

Responding to this matter, the project aims to restore access to water for the inhabitants of 5 villages (Surkhua, Khumnoi, Khiangkan, Hiangzang and Singpial). Several initiatives will be carried out such as restoring the connection between water sources and reservoirs by putting new pipes in place, supplying 24 new houses with water in 5 different localities.

Children of the Mekong will partner with Karuna Mission Social solidarity for their technical support, and will monitor the project with regular visits.