Children of the Mekong, UK registered charity  (1116375), supports under-privileged children and young adults in Southeast Asia through education. We are the UK arm of a French charity founded in 1958. 

Children of the Mekong sponsors 21,700 children and in 2017 had an annual budget of 11 million euros, with 85.1% of charitable expenditure.

In 2011, a team of volunteers decided to create a permanent office in the UK and in 2014 opened a Children of the Mekong charity shop in Clapham, which also provides our office base.

We have two permanent staff working along with a wonderful team of volunteers to manage the charity shop and develop the office.


Our vision

Founded in 1958, Children of the Mekong is dedicated to helping children and their families in Southeast Asia to escape from extreme poverty and to live with dignity.

Our mission

Providing education, training and support, we help children and young people to improve their standard of living and to grow intellectually, emotionally and morally.

Our values

Respect for all - regardless of circumstances, culture or religion; Trust - Loyalty - Selflessness



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Eugenie Munakarmi



Kiran ld

Kiran Pereira

Trusts & Foundations Officer


Ethelle Gateau
Volunteer – Project Manager

I’m a French student and this volunteer job is very important to me. In fact, it enables me to develop a lot of skills, like my English or my capacity to work within a team.

Moreover, I can discover how an association works and see the different difficulties it faces. The best for me is to dedicate my time to a good cause and help the people who need it. Children of the Mekong allows a lot of children to go to school and to improve their life. This action//cause is very important to me, because my ancestor didn’t have this access to school and had to start work young and without diploma. For me, In France or England people don’t realise how lucky they are to be automatically granted by an access to school, so I work at Children of the Mekong to give the same school opportunity to children who need it.

Hugo Daouk
Volunteer – Project Manager

I come from France , i'm in kedge businness school for studies and i'm very happy to join the children of the mekong's team here in London for my internship .It's a great opportunity for me to be here.

Firstly I share the same values with the association. I think education is the most important thing for children. With education, children can have  possibilites to have a better life. Secondly this internship is a big opportunity for me , because I live in London and it's great luck for me because i'd like to improve my english.

Coline Houssin
Volunteer- Project manager

I'm a french student, I'm in a business school in Nantes. I join the team of Children of the Mekong because this charity's goal seems to me very important in our world. I hope to improve my english and my business knowledge. I enjoy to work on team for a good cause. We have a lot of responsabilities, independence in our shop.

I love helping children who are in need, it is a great experience !

Jeremy Duval
Volunteer - Project Manager

Hello there ! My name is Jeremy, I live in Bordeaux in France. I am a student from Kedge Business School, and for my school program, I needed to find a 6 months internship. 

I decided to join the Children of the Mekong's team because I feel very concerned about charities, and I wanted to improve my English as well and, of course, extend my knowledge in business, sales,...

I am very pleased to be part of this team because I have lots of responsabilities and the teamates are always helpful. 

Zhiaho Lei
Volunteer - Project Manager

Hi! I'm an international student from China. Now in London, I'm studying international developments and improving my English skills. Due to my family circumstances, I have lived in Japan for more than 20years, so very fortunately, I could have quality education in my student age. And that made me realise the importance of education for children and young people.

I'm sure I could have a grand experience in this team!


Jean-Marc Debricon
Jean-Marc has been involved in a number of non-profit organizations active in the developing world since 2004. He is the founding director of The Minerva Treehouse, later renamed Children of the Mekong, the UK branch of the French charity "Enfants du Mekong". Jean-Marc is the founder of Green Shoots Foundation, a UK charity setting up development programmes using economic development, education and medical aid in a synergetic way. It operates in 6 countries of greater Asia.  He is currently the General Manager of Alterfin, a Brussels-based financial cooperative promoting rural sustainable development in the South. Alterfin funds microfinance institutions and Fair-trade small holder producer organisations in 30 different countries and 20 different commodities.  Prior to that, he was an investment banker for 16 years and served as a Portfolio Manager for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and as a Managing Director in the global financial markets division of Rabobank International, responsible for a budget of €100 million and a team of 40 people. Jean-Marc holds a Masters in Business Administration and DESS in International Business from Université Paris IX Dauphine.
Julia Goh
Julia Goh is a Managing Director and Business Manager for Global Markets within the Investment Bank at Barclays.   Julia is part of the Markets Executive Forum, Markets Management Forum and the Barclays International Finance management team. Julia joined Barclays in 2010 to develop the transaction management function in EFS.  In 2012, she built and led the capital function within Equities’ Liquidity, Risk and Capital Management team.   She was appointed Business Manager for Structured and Financing Products in 2016, responsible for the business manager function across Equity Financing, EFS Solutions and cross-asset Sales and Structuring.  She assumed her current role in 2017. Prior to Barclays, Julia was global head of the risk management function in Prime Services at Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB).  Before CSFB, she was a risk manager in Nomura International.  Prior to that role, Julia was a Chartered Accountant in corporate tax at Coopers & Lybrand. She previously acted as co-chair of Barclays’ Women’s Initiative Network in London between 2013 and 2016 and is a member of the Barclays International Diversity Council.   She sat on the board of the London Women’s Forum representing Barclays, and is a trustee of Children of the Mekong. Julia received her MSc in Mathematical Trading and Finance with distinction from Cass Business School, and her BSc in Accounting and Finance from The London School of Economics and Political Science.
Marcus Fedder
Marcus is a Director of the International Finance Facility for Immunisation and was previously a Managing Partner at Agora Microfinance Partners. Prior to that, he was a Vice Chair and Head of Europe and Asia-Pacific of TD Securities, The Toronto Dominion Bank, and Treasurer of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. He also worked for the World Bank, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Deutsche Bank. Marcus holds a PhD in Politics from Berlin and post graduate degrees in International Relations from LSE and Cambridge. He also paints and sells his paintings in support of Children of the Mekong: http://www.fedderart.com//a
Andreas Povlsen
Andreas is the founder of Breakwater Capital Ltd. (BWC) an investment management firm exclusively focused on the maritime industry. Andreas has more than 20 years experience within the maritime/financial industry as a principal, an investor and a financier and over this time has developed a unique network of contacts with access to the top players in the shipping industry as well as investors and lenders in Asia, Middle East, Europe and the US. Andreas has a degree in Economics from Copenhagen Business School and has studied Psychology at Copenhagen University. He is Danish/Norwegian, has served in the Royal Danish Air force and has lived and worked in Asia, the US and Europe.
Camille Burgerhout
Camille has been involved in Enfants du Mékong since she met Martin Maindiaux in Cambodia in 2012 in the middle of the one-year trip around the world with her husband and their 2-year old son. She experienced the action of the volunteers (including the "bamboos") and was amazed by the great impact the sponsorship has on the children and their families. In 2013/14 in New York and now in London, she has been involved in events to promote sponsorship and to raise funds. Camille is a Trustee of Children of the Mekong since July 2015. Prior to this, she worked 7 years in Luxembourg and London in the asset management industry, as a product specialist for investment funds. Camille holds a Master's degree in Finance and a French & German BA in European Business.
Laure Lagrange
Laure is a communications professional, having worked over 15 years with world leading communications and financial Public relations agencies. Her main activities includes strategic communications and transaction work, advising clients on all their communications needs from content to corporate and investor relations. Laure has been an active supporter of Children of the Mekong since 2011 while living in Hong Kong. It is on her many travels in Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines and China amongst others that Laure saw first hand the impact the Children of the Mekong sponsorship programmes and education centres had on children and their families. Laure is also a strong advocate of impact investing and measurement. She joined the Board of Trustees in June 2016 since being back living in London. Although a French national, Laure has lived and worked outside France most of her life. She holds post graduate degrees in Politics and International Relations from LSE and Sciences Po Paris.
Guillaume d'Aboville
Guillaume graduated from the University of Paris IX Dauphine with a first degree in Management followed by a master’s degree in Agribusiness which combined academic study with a placement as junior international product manager at Danone. Then, in 2003, he joined Bergams as a project manager, responsible for the creation of a network of retail outlets under a concession agreement with Tankengo and the development of marketing and trade marketing with major accounts. In 2005 he was invited to join We Consulting by Aubry Pierens, its founder. He ran consulting projects, carried out audits, led workshops and seminars, prospected for new clients and generally helped Aubry run the business as one half of a two-man company. Together they worked for a variety of big companies like Essilor, TF1 Entreprises, L’Oréal, Suez, Microsoft France and many more. Guillaume then spent two and a half years back at Bergams in the role of Marketing Director before joining Enfants du Mékong as Director of Resources and Development – a position in which he put his professional expertise to good use in the fight against child poverty in Asia. He became Deputy CEO two years later, and was named General Director, as successor to Yves Meaudre, in July 2016.


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Children of the Mekong is a UK registered charity at the Charity Commission (1116375).

At children of the Mekong, one of our core values is to keep the core costs as low as possible. We also give priority to transparency in all our programmes.

83 % of expenditure goes directly to our education programmes in Southeast Asia. The rest is necessary for fundraising and administrative costs. All our income comes exclusively from private donors.

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Children of the Mekong is the UK branch of Enfants du Mekong, a leading French charity founded in 1958.

See Enfants du Mekong's latest annual report here.