Our Back to School campaign

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The Back to School event was an opportunity for Children of the Mekong to raise funds.  Children of the Mekong had a stand in front of the Librairie La Page with a table, a kakemono and flyers. We had large boxes to collect donations from customers such as copies, pencils or books.  

This event was made possible by Librairie La Page, a French bookshop in South Kensington and their staff and also by the volunteers (Nathalie, Caroline) and new interns and staff of Children of the Mekong.  

This campaign went from the 31st of August to the Sunday 9th of September 2018. It was usually from 10am to 4pm depending on how busy the shop was. We choose these dates because it is a really busy period for the bookshop (beginning of the new school year).  

The stand in front of the shop was a good idea. Our volunteers this week were really motivated to raise funds which allowed the event to be successful.  

The best way to raise funds was to have someone inside the shop with one Children of the Mekong Tee-Shirt and someone outside the shop at the stand. The volunteer inside the shop could help a bit in the bookshop and talk to customers about the charity.

Caroline who was very involved in the project as a volunteer gave a really positive feedback on her volunteering experience.

“It was well organised, the stand in front of the shop was a good idea to raise funds. It was important for us not to be shy and to engage conversation with the customers outside the shop to tell them about the charity” said a Volunteer.

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