Tobias’ testimonial after few weeks at Children of the Mekong charity shop

September 14, 2018 admin No comments exist

I really enjoyed my three-week stay in the Charity shop of Children of the Mekong. I had already been in the shop in May for one week but I had the pleasure to notice that the work atmosphere was as good as in May even if it wasn’t the same people working.

I think I had been part of a very dynamic team and we succeeded in keeping the shop clean, tidy and also enjoyable for the customers. We were quite invested in some special events such as the bake sale and I found hard-working people to sort the donations or also to make the best shop windows as possible.

I didn’t have any trouble with the customers and some of them were really kind, it was really interesting to have the possibility to talk with very different people.

I find also very interesting the partnership with the BNP, indeed I found the BNP volunteers always sympathetic and open to discussion about their job, family, country, studies…

I enjoyed as well working a little bit in the office (sort informations for Kiran, put books on sale on the Internet with Leo…), it enables me to see how the office was working and not to « just » stay in the shop.

Finally, I’m sure it was a really great experience for me and I hope for all the people working in the shop, I improved my English discovering by the way how a charity shop was working and it was something really interesting I think for my studies and my future.

Thank you again for all this experience, I will sure recommend the shop to my friends and classmates


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