Testimony from Camille, overseas volunteer.

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Since 1989, Children Of The Mekong has allowed young people between the ages of 18 and 35 years old to give their time to the children we help through our sponsorship and development programs. These volunteers called ‘bamboos’ help our local teams in total immersion. They make the link between the sponsored children and their sponsors in the 7 countries that we work in. The volunteers carry out audits, visit the families, help with accounting, prepare reports for the sponsors, and search for solutions to better education in our operational area…The tasks are varied and complete; they require a great sense of service, to lead by example, autonomy and a spirit of adventure!

Camille is Bamboo volunteer in Thailand :

“I remember and I will never forget this encounter because it was so moving.

I was at Klona Lan, in the little villages on the mountain. The Sister with whom I work asked me to visit a family who needed help. After few kilometres by car, I arrived in front of the “house”. In fact it was hard to name what I had in front of me. 4  square meters marked by 4 corrugated sheet walls. In the middle, I saw the father, totally paralysed, on a hospital bed. Around him were the mother and their two daughters.

Thongchai had his accident on a work site, he felt down from a building. From that day he became totally dependant on his wife. Meanwhile, they were building a new house. Their dreams flew away. Neither parent can work anymore. I was overwhelmed/shaken up, I tried to hide my emotions. I felt the mother exhausted and sad. What to do with her two children?Trust on solidarity. The strength of solidarity is impressive in the villages. Here, each one helps them as they can with a bag of rice or a little money. Although they are poor too.It echoes a beautiful phrase of the program manager: “Poverty doesn’t stop sharing.”

Now, thanks to Florence, Lamyai, the youngest girl of the family, is sponsored. She is eight years old and she studies in primary school.Besides providing a big relief to the family, this sponsorship will more than ever be a psychological assistance, for the family and for Lamyai whom I noticed weakened by all these events. It also brings a breath of fresh air. At school, with the uniforms, there is no social distinction. Lamyai is as every other pupil, a little girl building intellectually and humanly.”

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