Chhengtay’s new pace of life – March 2018

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Hello everybody! Hope you are doing well. I’m very well. I was a bit busy with my work. Even though I’m busy and so tired, I’m happy with what I do every day. I enjoy my work and people around here too. Sometimes they are a bit loud, but they always share and explain. They are very kind and friendly. However, I noticed that people welcomed me when I arrived, but now they are a bit less friendly. I know that being in the group is not easy, and I cannot avoid this situation. I cannot say that I’m so lucky to get a job or this place is comfortable for me. But what I must do is use my potential and work hard. This year, my manager decided to use a system called BNI for the financial department. We have a bit of a problem with it because it is a new program that we have never used it before. It is a good system that makes it easy for us to keep and find data when we need to look at it. We don’t worry that we will lose documents or data. My team and I have a training course every week to understand how to use the system properly. Frankly, I’m happy to know it. Sometimes I use it at home when I have a lot of pending work. I’m a Finance Officer and assistant too. In my team we have eight people, four accountants and the rest work in Finance. I have made friends, and every month our boss has a small party for us to build communication with other departments and between bosses, managers and staff. Every weekend I cycle with my roommates, even when I have to work during the weekend. I find ways to relax and call my parents. I really like my weekends because it is very important for me to get relax and reduce stress and tiredness. I do yoga before I go to bed for 10 or 15 minutes every Thursday and Friday. This makes me feel better and relaxed. I read a book at least 5 minutes before going to bed. I really enjoy my life and what I do nowadays. My family are very happy that I jot a job that I love. I also practice English with foreigners when they come to our company to buy our service. Sometimes I feel a bit lonely because I don’t know anyone here, and it’s hard to say something when I want to say it. I always write it down in my diary though. I don’t contact
Children of The Mekong as often because I’m a bit busy and there is a time difference. Frankly, I really miss London and the people I met when I was there. Sometimes I miss their smiling faces, the food, weather and transportation. I want to tell you something about the weather here. It is crazy hot. It is so hard when I go somewhere in the afternoon.Some people enjoy the weather like this because it doesn’t rain and it isn’t wet everywhere. Honestly, I’m excited that I have a little bit of free time to meet my old friends. Last month, I went to join my friend’s wedding in my hometown. It was an opportunity to go home and visit my family., including my little nephew. He is growing up and is so cute. He loves me so much, and he can speak some words like mummy, daddy, granny, and grandfather in Khmer. My mother sells Khmer noddles everyday as normal. There are many stories that I cannot describe, and it is difficult to express my feelings in words. I’m happy to hear some news
from my host family and friends in London. I hope all of you have a wonderful day and enjoy the nice weather.
I would like to see the spring weather if I can. How beautiful is it? Is it lovely with the spring flowers

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