Kosal started working as a site engineer in Cambodia – February 2018

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As I mentioned in previous blog, I was hired for a job as a site engineer. My team is building three restaurants in a huge supermarket in Cambodia, AEON MALL II. I work closely with workers onsite. I am also in charge of material management. It is quite tiring, but I am happy to make the effort. I have to report the work process and problems onsite to my leader every day.

Luckily, the site is close to my house, so I commute to work without worries about traffic jams. It takes only ten minutes to drive by motorbike to the site.









Although I am busy during the week, I often play football with my team every weekend. We play together and have a good time. We play in a small league. This year, we were not bad because we lost only one out of fourteen games. We have three games more to win the championship. If we win the championship, we will go to Kompong Sorm beach together.

Recently, I applied for a job at a huge construction company, which my friend recommended, for the position of Quantity Controller. I have already had three interviews. I do not expect to be hired for the position because I have less experiences in the sector. Nevertheless, I decided to apply to gain experience and expand my knowledge of the construction industry. In addition, I want to earn more money to help myself and my family because I am now in charge of sending my brother to study in university. Ultimately, I need to work hard and devote extra time almost every day. It is quite tiring, but I am happy to work thanks to my love of it and to my commitment to finish tasks on time.

My family is fine. I now earn $50 every month which I can share to with my family. However, my family always provides me with food like vegetables and dry fish.  I feel quite pleased that I can help my family back.

Finally, I want to tell you that I really miss all of you.



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