Children of the Mekong is a London-based charity registered with the UK Charity Commission since 2011 (1116375).

We are the UK branch of «Enfants du Mékong», a French NGO founded in 1958.

Our aim is to improve access and quality of education for the poorest children and their communities in seven countries in Southeast Asia.

We run 3 types of programmes: child sponsorships, one-off development projects and education centres.

In September 2017, we welcomed two Cambodian graduates for a 3-month scholarship in London.

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help us improving access to education

With just £28 a month, you can change the life of a child and they can go to school. Learn more about our sponsorship programmes!



We aim to improve the educational and living environment for children and their families in order to create an impact on their daily lives and their future.



Our education centre in Samrong, Cambodia provides extra tuition and non-academic activities to children from impoverished families.




I'm 14 years and I am in grade 7 in East Kho Boi middle school. I would like to become a priest in order to help people who are very poor. I like to play football every day with my friends. My parents are farmers and they have trouble paying for the schooling for  me and my four brothers and sister. They are aware of the importance of education and training, but my father cannot afford the boarding costs. This is why a sponsor would help the family.

Lady Charles

I'm 16 years old and I live with my 3 brothers, my sister and my parents in a small house. I like to practice volley ball and I'm known as the athlete in my neighbourhood. My father works for the government, but he is on an agreement of 6 months that cannot be renewed and my mother is a housewife.


I'm 13 years old and I am in grade 8 at the public school in Naga city. My favourite class is Filipino language and my dream is to become a chef in a restaurant. I practice martial arts at school and I really like it, especially one named "arnis". I live with my parents and my little brother in a bamboo house. My father works in a bakery and my mother is a housewife.

“Our experience in supporting Novel through the Children of the Mekong has been great and very enriching so far. We heard about Children of the Mekong through a friend here in London and immediately we felt that was a great idea worthy of support. In Asia there are millions of Children that have great minds and great energy but very little means to study and make some difference. Education is paramount for them and with the Children of the Mekong, we know that they have a chance for the future.

We regularly send letters to each other and we are seeing our sponsored child growing and learning every year. She is a very sweet and intelligent girl and we are very proud of her. She comes from a poor family in the central Philippines and our support helps her with the books and clothing for school. By supporting her we realise how blessed we are and we hope one day to receive the news that she became the teachers she wanted to become.”

- Kiran and Paolo, sponsor of Novel from Naga, the Philippines.