Children of the Mekong is a London-based charity registered with the UK Charity Commission since 2011 (1116375).

We are the UK branch of «Enfants du Mékong», a French charity founded in 1958.

Our aim is to improve access and quality of education for the poorest children and their communities in seven countries in Southeast Asia.

We run 3 types of programmes: child sponsorships, one-off development projects and education centres.


 Chhengtay & Kosal arrival!

We are looking forward to welcoming our 2 sponsored students coming from Phnom Penh in Cambodia...read more

Let's celebrate our 3 years in London (Charity Shop)!

Children of the Mekong charity shop is happy to celebrate its 3 years in London!

Thanks to all of our customers and donors... read more

Welcome Shanice & Sharisha!

Shanice and Sharisha have just joined our friendly team as project manager interns! They will stay with us until the beginning of February and will help to run the shop and manage projects.

Let's discover who they are... read more

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help us improving access to education

With just £24 a month, you can change the life of a child and they can go to school. Learn more about our sponsorship programmes!

Please note that the sponsorship will increase in order to keep up with the rate of inflation in our country of work, and so that your sponsored child continues to receive the most effective support. Therefore, beginning the 1st of October 2017, your monthly donation will rise from £24 to £28.



We aim to improve the educational and living environment for children and their families in order to create an impact on their daily lives and their future.



Our education centre in Samrong, Cambodia provides extra tuition and non-academic activities to children from impoverished families.


ma mary san ra
Michael 2


I'm 11 years old and I'm studying in Grade 4 in Nam Hkai, Burma. I live with my brothers and sister and mum, dad died seven years ago. I really like going to school but it is difficult to make the ends meet.


I'm 9 years old, and I am from Myanmar. I have two younger brothers and one younger sister. I live with my family in Nam Hkaï. My parents are too poor to pay for my education.


There are many more children awaiting to be sponsored. Click on the link below to sponsor one of them!

“I was lucky enough to sponsor a young girl with whom I exchanged regularly. We exchanged pictures and I feel great sadness when this sponsorship ended. Fortunately, she went to Norway. She is in a convent and we still exchange regularly. The second child I sponsor writes to me just as much and I really appreciate it. I tell her about my grandchildren and send her postcards of places we visit. She also sends me pictures.

I often recommend Children of the Mekong for child sponsorship. It brings great happiness to know that a child can go to school and have the opportunity to improve his life with such a small contribution and communication.”

- Odile Jenkins, sponsor, December 2016